I Homologate This Message.


Homologate:   agree with, approve, approbate, sanction, authorize, warrant, countenance, ratify, confirm, confess, acknowledge.

Che Guevara

Janis homologated these images.

Jim Wall, Sam Andrew, Ben Nieves

To render valid by some subsequent act.


A marriage contract, though defective in legal solemnities, is held to be homologated by the subsequent marriage of the parties.


Homologate is derived from the Greek homologeo (ὁμολογέω) for “I agree”, which is generally used in English to signify the granting of approval by an official.

blue Janis

The homologating body may be a court of law, a government department, or an academic or professional body, any of which would normally work from a set of strict rules or standards to determine whether such approval should be given.

1 14 67 b

The word may be considered very roughly synonymous with accreditation, and in fact in French and Spanish may be used with regard to academic degrees.


Certification is another possible synonym.  To homologate is the infinitive.

ant knee red vic


Products must often be homologated by some public agency to assure that they meet standards for such things as safety and environmental impact.

Elise phone kitchen summer 2013

A court action may also sometimes be homologated by a judicial authority before it can proceed, and the term has a precise legal meaning in the judicial codes of some countries, especially in Scotland.

2006 BeinInn laminate

The equivalent process of testing and certification for conformance to technical standards is usually known as Type Approval in English-language jurisdictions.

elliot newhouse 30 May 2013

Another example of the use of homologate  pertains to the biological sciences, where it may describe the similarities used to assign organisms to the same family or taxon, similarities they have jointly inherited from a common ancestor.

girls together outrageously

So, dear reader, what would this organization, Girls Together Outrageously (GTOs) have to do with the word “homologate?”

1 8-10

In racing, a vehicle must be homologated by the sanctioning body to race in a given league, such as World Superbikes, International Level Kart Racing or other sportscar racing series.

Janis airbrush

Where a racing class requires that the vehicles raced be production vehicles only slightly adapted for racing, manufacturers typically produce a limited run of such vehicles for public sale so that they can legitimately race them in the class.

Twin Reverb

These vehicles are commonly called “homologation specials.”


The term homologation is also applicable in the Olympic Games, in venue certifications, prior to the start of competition.

Janis alone amazed

An issue was raised at Cesena Pariol—the bobsleigh, luge and skeleton track used for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino (Turin) —over its safety in luge.

1 7 72

This delayed homologation of the track from January 2005 to October 2005 in order to achieve safe runs during luge competitions.

Janis and Dorothy

A judge must homologate the plea bargain between the district attorney and the defense.

Sam Nick Peter

Gran Turismo Omologato is the origin of the acronym GTO.

Janis autoharp

“We’ve major issues which appear to be discussed in the press. Decisions are made and then we’re asked to homologate these decisions.”

1 14 67

“What was needed was a more streamlined street car to homologate for racing.”

Janis close up

Now the same amazing race technology is available in fully homologated form for use on the road by drivers who know what satisfaction means.

Sam Monterey 1967 tinted

This protective front headlight grill for use off-road is not homologated for on-road use.


Homologation is the certification of a product or specification to indicate that it meets regulatory standards.

1 29-30 71

There are companies that specialize in helping manufacturers achieve regulatory compliance.

Janis Mona Lisa

These homologating companies have services that might include the explanation and interpretation of standards and specifications.

Sam lag 66

There may be homologatory assistance in plant facility audit and approval, testing and certification of materials, product design consulting, and translation of manuals, legal mandates and other written material.

Melina R

My friend Melina has a beautiful collection of black and white photographs of blues players and she has tacitly homologated my use of them from time to time, just as she may use any image that I have.


I don’t know why I did it, I don’t know why I enjoyed it, and I don’t know why I will do it again. What do you want? It’s a birthday.


Reason itself is fallible and this fallibility must find a place in our logic.

Freeman Perry May 2013

We started out as opportunistic renegades. By now, we’ve lasted long enough to become American Original Respectable Renegades.

2 17 68 a

I want it to go on, but I want us to go out on top.  Well, so much for that. OK, then, go out on the bottom, yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket.

jeff air

I don’t miss the rat race, but occasionally I miss the rats.

Janis real

One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal, or even inability, to be compromised.

Sam Kathy Nick

The element of surprise is what I look for when I am playing.


We all come into the world not knowing who we are.

2 20-21 70

Women get the work done, with lesser play of ego.

Sam still 30 May 2013

If anyone thinks I am wrong, I am inclined to agree with her.

Sam Janis Winterland PostSteiner

You know what would be interesting to see? A film about an Al Qaeda follower from her own point of view, how she became that, what her ambitions are, her name, her family, her petty dislikes, her secret wishes. This would show us more than a thousand state documents.


There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it ill behooves any of us to find fault with the rest of us.

Sam Janis studio 68

If you want to change your life, change your mind.


Don’t be afraid of failure. Be afraid of succeeding too early.

Sam Janis sculpture

God limited the intelligence of humanity, but not the stupidity.

Melina Ri

One sure way to please a tigress is to let her eat you.


The biggest risk in life is not taking any risks.

Sam Janis Richard Snooky

A bad temper is a sign of weakness.


They had several car crashes in that film, but none of them killed the right people.

Sam Janis Peter Monterey

When you see old photographs, it’s lovely to remember being young, but even better to know that you grew up.

Cathy Richardson, Hummingbird

Every now and then do something that you think you are really bad at.

Sam Janis Memphis

Some white people hate black people, and some white people love black people, some black people hate white people, and some black people love white people. So you see it’s not an issue of black and white, it’s an issue of Lovers and Haters.

bug summer 2013

I like to do interviews where I see that the questioner is pondering his next line while I am answering his last… NOT!

Chuck Flood Hummingbird

I’m definitely not a shopper. I totally hate the process of researching and then haggling for the price. I wish I could just snap my fingers and it would be there. I would pay extra for that, actually, and, in fact, I suppose I do pay extra for that. Actually, I would pay extra for not having the thing at all.

Sam Janis Lag 66

My family were Democrats. In fact, if one of us children was acting up and being stubborn, my father would say, “Stop acting like a damned Republican.”

SamCutler Cutting 30 May 2013

Music is irrational. The better it is, the madder it is.

Humming top & case

Life is a song, so sing along. Life is a game, it’s never the same. Make it your goal to nourish your soul.

jerry lee

This looks totally posed. They’re probably his cousins.

Sam Janis April 1969

On two occasions I have been asked, “Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?”  I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question.


Neither success nor failure is ever final.

Sam Janis apres baiser

The best command of the language is often shown by saying nothing.

Melina Riv

To make your dream come true, you need to be wide awake.

Cutting 30 May 2013

Bad politicians are elected by good people who don’t vote.

Hummingbird bridge

Look up. When you’re flat on your back, look up.

Sam Janis forward

Don’t worry about what is going to happen. It’s bad enough worrying about what is happening now.

stones early

Everybody doesn’t have to get every joke. People really appreciate not being condescended to.

Hummingbird case open

If you have health, friends and enough money to pay the rent and eat, you have a lot.

sam james peter janis newport

Legends are all about the past and have nothing to do with the present.

Kessler's 30 May 2013

You can’t think clearly when your fists are clenched.

Great Music 30 May 2013

I often play language learning CDs in my car, and I’ve noticed that when I become angry at another driver, I don’t learn anything at all from the CDs. I have to listen to that spot over again. This in itself is educational.

Hummingbird Nudie

I’m the L word.   Liberal.

Sam Big Brother Park

It’s not so much the taxes we pay as it is the feeling that someone is picking our pockets without our knowing why.

Chealsea Dawn 30 May 2013

As long as there is one pretty woman on stage, the theatre will live.

Guitarist Cutting 30 May 2013

When you’re wrong, admit it. When you’re right, be quite.  (Or quiet, whichever is best.)

Cutting couple 30 May 2013

A door is what a cat is always on the wrong side of.

Dr. Photo 30 May 2013

Am I a late bloomer or an early rotter?

Brian Barry 30 May 2013

Most people would rather be right than be reasonable.

Hummingbird, sideways

You cannot move others unless you too are moved.

Flatbush Avenue 31 May 2013

Remorse or reminiscence?

Mills Cutler 31 May 2013

The fruits of our private study should appear in our public behavior.

High Note Amityville 31 May 2013

Sometimes I look at the stars for so long that they seem to move and dance in the sky.

Jim Lisa Ben 31 May 2013

My father seemed to me to know everything, all about the artists in the Renaissance, all about the carburetor under the hood, all about the rocks and how they came to be that way, all about the plants and their histories. If he couldn’t afford something, he would simply make it with his own hands.

Comfort Inn 31 May 2013

Labels are for medicine bottles. Labels are for clothes. Labels aren’t for people.

Lisa elevator

Whoever said, “It’s not whether you win or lose that counts,” probably lost.

Crossroads 1 June 2013

People want to matter. Help them to do that and show them that they do.

Hummingbird, stylized image

For the caterpillar it’s the end of the world.  For the butterfly it’s her birthday.

Playland At The Beach

My wife.  She makes life come to life.

Janis with my:our Hummingbird

A professional musician is an amateur who didn’t stop.

Janis Sam Victor Fill East?

If you want something in your life, act as if it’s already there.

Melina Rive

Living to the highest standard you know leads to happiness.

Shiho arms cross Hummingbird

A synonym is a word you use when you can’t spell the word you first thought of.

in bed full view

Learning when to leave is not a negligible part of one’s education.

Crossroads banner 1 June 2013

I have been in the twilight of my career for longer than most people have had careers.

Ann S Kerry K m2 June 2013

Actually, I’ve been in the twilight of my career for longer than many people have lived.

janis blues hall of fame

Music has given me soul.

Kerry Kearney 2 June 2013

Talented people are the easiest to get along with.

Shiho cradling Hummingbird

The simpler it is, the more beautiful it can become.

BBHC Main Squeeze

One must always maintain one’s connection to the past and yet ceaselessly pull away from it.


When you walk into a party, you don’t see someone’s brain right away, although it doesn’t take long to see her soul.

blue moon

No matter what you do, you can’t live in the past.

BBHC first promo

I wake up at five every day, even if I went to bed at three. I’m blaming it on my cats.


The optimist says we live in the best of all possible worlds.  The pessimist fears that may be true.


Write the kind of song you would like to hear.

2009 31 dec Nicole Elise Sophia

No lady is ever a gentleman.


You begin growing your wisdom teeth the first time you bite off more than you can chew.

1992 sam peter

People worry more about what they can’t see than what they can.

Melina River

It is better to create than to learn.

Elise 7 May 2013

Picture you upon my knee, just tea for two and two for tea.

Kerry 2 June 2013

My ambition is to do a good job. I never plan anything.

Ann Sam Xroads Lisa 2 June 2013

Life is accepting what is and working with that, or, as my mother put it, you work with what you got.

Lisa Mills 31 May 2013

Everyone has a story that is worth telling and, if told right, it can be a beautiful song.

gate 3 june 2013

Self consciousness, shyness, timidity are all forms of egotism and that’s all right.


People believe quickly what they wish to be true.

1990 Sam Andrew  Mick Taylor woman

You take the truth and you put a little curlicue on the end.


Every language has its own song.

1967 Jame Gurley

James Gurley.


You can’t teach talent, but you can teach competence and confidence.


I used to be afraid of being normal even though nothing is normal.


Films have the power to change people’s minds. A film can make you a better person.  In fact, a film should make you a better person.

Sophia la cantadora

Good old days? What good old days? People who wish for the old days have very selective memories.


Life is much shorter than it seemed at first.

Sophia & Peter

For at least a hundred and fifty years, America’s best ambassador has been her music.


Being a musician is just a job, but it can be an interesting job.

Combination of the Two

I was always shy, timid, introverted, whatever you want to call it, and mortally afraid of going onstage. I bet that is true of many, many performers.

Melina Riverb

I wrote Flower in the Sun in a bathroom in Bernal Heights, San Francisco.  It was the only place I could find any privacy.


I try to live by the Golden Rule.  Most of the time that works.

Andrew 70 pub BBHC

We’re not disgruntled. We’re actually fairly gruntled and couth.


Anybody can succeed, anybody can play, but you’ve got to work hard to do it.

via San Vitale

I’m a skilled professional musician. Whether or not I have any talent is beside the point. Main thing is to do the job well.


I read many, many books, but I am careful to to let anything I read influence me.

tom georges 1

Many people who are brutally honest are more brutal than honest.

1967Motherload poster signed by Chet

At 53 I got the girl!  Now she’s almost 53.

edmund kean

Dying is easy, comedy is hard, as Edmund Kean observed on his deathbed.


Comedy is not only hard to act, but hard to write.  As Michael Caine noted, you get one comedy script for every twenty dramas.


Comedy is underrepresented in every actor’s résumé because comedy is very difficult.


English is clipped in speech.  Texan is clopped in speech.


Be like a duck, always oily calm on the surface and furiously paddling underneath.


I admire other musicians but I would never think of competing with them.  What we do is so different. I compete with myself. I have had so many great guitarists play and sit in with Big Brother over the years. More guitar players have performed with Big Brother than musicians on any other instrument. Even singers, and that’s saying something.

Melina Riverbl

The Jack Benny philosophy:   I feel like 39.  At 39 you’re old enough to know something and young enough to look forward to what you can do with that knowledge.  So I’m staying at 39.  It sounds so much better than 40, doesn’t it?  It sounds better than 71 too, which is what I really am, and very happy to be 71 too.

sam 2

Talk low, talk slow, and don’t talk much.


Count your money.  I’m not going to retire, so I don’t have to worry about that part, but you always need about three times as much money as you think you are going to need.


The first star I saw was Lash La Rue, and I thought, that’s what I want to do, be Lash La Rue.


If you see money as the solution for every problem, then money is the problem.


You get paid the same for a bad gig as for a good one.

matrix fillmore west

My fan mail is enormous.   Everyone is under six.


To an engineer it’s “good enough for government work.”  To an artist there’s no such thing as good enough.

LARK sam lisa

There are as many ways of loving as there are people in the world.

kelley mouse

I sang before I talked, before I had a memory. When my memory began, I was already singing.


I’m a huge shoe person.   I only wear shoes that are truly enormous.

joplin cotten

Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can – there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.

jimi lagoon

The fact is that great musical pieces take and hold the stage because they provide great emotional experiences.

Melina Riverblu

Success is important only to the extent that it puts one in a position to do more things one likes to do but it’s even more important because it can allow you to help people who truly deserve help.

Janis Joplin Reunion Concert Front

Music is a process which is successful only if it is achieved by people who love to collaborate.


If you approach a song as though it were something that always went a certain way, that’s what you get. Maybe best to approach a song as though you never heard it before.
Golden Rule


We all make mistakes. Best to look at them closely, confront them honestly and learn from them.


Are we not all desperate in one way or another?


I have been the victim of heartless and, worse, pointless malice delivered by stupid people who truly believed that they had something to say.

Elise Greece

Giving a phenomenon a name does not explain it.

elise bratislava

Even the most malignant gods would not continue to inflict life upon humanity, time without end.

Donna Patterson

Don’t rush into adulthood. It is not really all that much fun.

dan o'neill

The only real failure is one you don’t learn from.

crumb cwiz

combo two

The most important things in life aren’t things.

Melina Riverblue

Promise a lot, and then give more.

clarinet com

Learning is an avenue to happiness, ever open to those who are deprived of honors or wealth.

cheetah 1967

The worst thing is to get involved with people who aren’t passionate about what they’re doing.


A little nonsense now and then is good for women and good for men.

Big Brother Maryland

I wish I could understand why the electoral college is necessary.


The greatest peril to the soul is an answered prayer.

BBHC Winterland 10 Yrs. After

I don’t have everything I want, but I have a lot that I am grateful for.

1968 sam sepia

You can sell out if you want to, but just because you did doesn’t mean they’re going to keep their end of the bargain.

affects bored

1968 july 28 sam janis Newport

In film there’s just one chance to make something decent. In the theatre, you get to do it over and over.


Don’t worry about being modern.  That’s something you can’t avoid.

71 peter

A miracle can happen at any time.

BBHC publicity

Sam Janis gold dress Peter

Don’t be silly and don’t waste your time.

Sam BHOF 2 Jujne 2013

I appreciate the love and respect behind such an award, but I can’t help thinking about people like Blind Lemon Jefferson, Charley Patton, Son House, Skip James, Tommy Johnson, Willie Brown, Geeshie Wiley, Ishmon Bracey, Kid Bailey, Arthur Crudup, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Little Walter,  John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Reed, B.B. King, Howlin’ Wolf, Mississippi John Hurt, Booker White, Furry Lewis, T-Bone Walker and Ike Turner, so I am going to write about them next week.

BBHC Staten Island 2 June 2013

Thank you for being here.