Big Brother and the Holding Company, part twelve. 1999


Andra Mitrovich will do these dates with us. I met her while we were doing Love, Janis.

12 January 1999     Executive Club     Corpus Christi   Texas

12 January 1999  Top of the Mark  Austin   My mother and sisters came to this gig. Andra and I sang Since I Met You, Baby.

14 January     Blue Cat Blues Club               Dallas

15 January 1999  Billy Blues  Houston     I played here with The Sam Andrew Band and now returning with Big Brother.

16 January 1999    Janis Joplin Birthday Bash   Port Arthur

Andra Mitrovich

Museum of the Gulf Coast

a letter from Sam Monroe.

Elise in a work by Robert Rauschenberg at the Museum of the Gulf Coast.

17 January 1999   Whisky a Go Go   West Hollywood

Elise campaigning.

Andra Mitrovich sang with Big Brother.  I sang with Moby Grape and Big Brother. We had a ball.

David LaFlamme playing on Do What You love.

30 January 1999     Six Rivers Brewing Company    McKinleyville    California

A third of a century ?      Try a half.

When I arrived in Cleveland to do my first Love, Janis,  I was given a car and a parking permit.

20 february 1999              Markham Vineyards                 Napa

2 March 1999                My first  Love, Janis production.                  Cleveland

I love this pose. It’s so “theatah, dahling.”  Probably the photographer told me what to do. That’s my excuse anyway.

7 March 1999     The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame       They’ll never let us in, but we go and play for them now and then anyway.

Sam Andrew   Jane Scott   Jimmy Khoury    Beth Hart

22 April 1999     Small Planet    East Lansing     Michigan

23 April 1999    Club Soda       Kalamazoo

24 April 1999    Cavern Club    Ann Arbor

25 April 1999     Main Event   Toledo

An encouraging note from the manager of the theatre company at The Cleveland Play house.

28 April 1999    The Barrel House    Cincinnati

29 April 1999   Graffiti    Pittsburgh

Maria Stanford sang with us at this time.

30 April 1999   Thunderdome    Akron

This is what Madison Square Garden looked like in 1876.

1 May 1999   The Lafayette Tap Room    Buffalo

3 June 1999             Great American Music Hall            San Francisco

10 June 1999           Clos du Bois Winery     Sonoma    California

26 June 1999   Freedom Fest   Canton   Ohio

Francine Sama sang this one with us.

27 June 1999             Adams County Fairgrounds             Brighton         Colorado

21 July 1999 Starwood Festival    Sherman  New York

5 August 1999   Television  interviews to promote Love, janis.

7 August 1999     Rockin’ The Rockies  La Hood Park   Cardwell        Montana

8 August 1999            Pennington Music Festival            Pennington             Minnesota where the state bird is the mosquito.

Maria Stanford

10 August 1999           Opening night in Cleveland

10-12 August 1999   Broken Spoke Saloon  Sturgis  South Dakota

14-15 August 1999

7 September 1999      Janis Joplin:   An absolute demand for non conformity.

13 August 1999       Yesterday’s Heroes      Cape May             New Jersey

14 August 1999     Big Boulder Ski Area    Poconos    Pennsylvania

20 August 1999      private wedding       Philo         California

28 August 1999             Barnes Park Memorial Bowl              Monterey Park    California

23 September 1999         Lisa Mills

24 September 1999           Royal Bear          Algona             Washington

25 September 1999     Kyoto Benefit          Portland         Oregon

3 October 1999      The Palace   Louisville    Kentucky

4 October 1999        Room 105       The Landmark Hotel      Los Angeles

7 October 1999   19 Broadway             Fairfax               California         Tom Finch

Peter Albin       Karen Lyberger

9 October 1999   Greater Pensacola Motorcycle Rally   Pensacola    Florida

14 October 1999    The Orbit     Fort Meyers Florida

16 October 1999  Magnolia Festival   Live Oak    Florida

San Geronimo Valley Drive about 1900.

29 October 1999    Woodacre Improvement Club  Woodacre  (also known as Weird Acre)    California

30 October 1999    The Brookdale Lodge   Brookdale  California


18 December 1999     We went with Margaret and Michael Joplin to see Beach Blanket Babylon.

Elise Piliwale took me on a tour of my birthplace.    Taft   Kern County  California

We were gypsies. My father was in the Air Force, so we moved continually. I don’t remember this place.

My father and I out in the oilfield, Taft, California, 1942.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for part thirteen.

Diana Andrew calls me Uncle Sam.


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