Whippany is south of Parsippany

29 September 2010

This weekend, tomorrow, Thursday, we will play in New Jersey, where, indeed Whippany is south of Parsippany, but in October we will be in Italy, and here is a poster from Vicenza, where we will play with Arianna Antinori.

We’re still working on Ball & Chain. It’s a lot better now. Fame is an illusion.

Elise. You can see that she has the coal miner’s hat and is ready to go underground.

And this is what she will find.

I am starting a portrait of Ben Nieves, equestrian, musician, sterling character.

There’s gold here, but I haven’t found it yet.

Dave and i trying to explain how much we love each other.

Tara Dagl’Innocenti who will be in Bergamo in October.

Karen Lyberger took this photo. This could be a glass piece.

Kathryn Patterson, famous in Paradise.

Skylar Burrell, probably no relation to Kenny Burrell, playing in Whippany, New Jersey, which is slightly south of Parsippany, New Jersey. This photograph has a very familiar look to it.

Twisted Sister, hometown, Whippany, New Jersey. Hmmm.

Nah, we’re not happy. (We’re not famous either, but that’s OK.)

Sam Andrew

Big Brother and the Holding Company


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