Midsummer Night’s Dream

17 July 2011



When James Gurley and i would “go guitaring” this is the first place we went. Don Wehr’s Music City.


Some answers in a multiple choice test will be about popular misconceptions. if you can identify the misconception, you can eliminate that answer.


Ramos, Jim Westbrook, Michael Narada Walden, Michael Carabello.


Don Aters took this photo of Janis Joplin.


Elise Piliwale and I put two sheds on our property. This one holds all of my paintings. I am Sam “Two Sheds” Andrew.


People who had bad adolescent acne:

Victoria Beckham, Dustin Hoffman, Jim Henson, Jack Nicholson, Janis Joplin, Mike Myers.


Minnesota Andrew people:

Anika Forland, Edie Andrew, Hakan Hall, Jason Andrew, Asher Borle, Alyssa Amundson, Harley Amundson, Bryan Anker. Are you getting a kind of Viking vibe with these names here?


Hartley Peavey, Don Wehr and Steve Miller.


Elise Piliwale, Sam Andrew, Tony Seldin.


Stanley (the Mouse) Miller signing a Big Brother poster.


Where my maternal great grandmother Myrtle Burgess started school.


The Circus Maximus in Rome could hold 250,000 people.


Janis snapping her fingers. (Photo: Don Aters)


A centimeter is about as long as the nail on your little finger is wide.


Art and Erin Homs, my brother Stephen’s daughter.


On a farm or ranch, always leave a gate the way you found it.


Bacteria, the tiniest free living cells, are so small that a single drop of liquid contains as many as fifty million of them.


Neal Schon, Jim Westbrook, Narada Michael Walden.


Richie Kirch, raconteur excellent.


Owls are the only birds that can see the color blue.


Janis Joplin, Sam Andrew, Winterland, 1968.


Karate means “empty hand” just as karaoke means “empty orchestra.”


Jennifer Espinoza, Maryville, Tennessee.


Bill Andrew, Sam Andrew, 1950.


Nusi Dekker, singer/songwriter, Marin County, California, 2011.


Sly Stone and friend at Don Wehr Music City, San Francisco.


John Lennon’s first girlfriend was Thelma Pickles.


A criminal is a predatory person who is too poor to form a corporation.


You should have one litter box per cat plus one.


The modern monarch is a vermiform appendix. S/he has to be quiet and not call much attention to herself, or otherwise s/he will be removed.


One day there will only be four kings left: diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades.


They’re serious. it must be about money. Carlos even has his glasses on. And Don Wehr is doing the talking.


I didn’t know he was dead. I thought he was a Republican.


My mother’s family.



I always eat healthy food, but I really shouldn’t. Old people need all the preservatives they can get.


Jim Westbrook and Steve Smith.


Guns in school? Piece of cake. Now, guns in church. That’ll take some doing, but, if anyone can do it, we can. (We probably already are doing it.)


When I was young, the Dead were still alive.


Early explorers in the far north thought that the natives called themselves Huskemaws. The English who visited the region applied the abbreviated word “husky” to many things they found there, including the Husky dog. Eventually the people came to be known as Esquimaux, and later as Eskimos, but the older title, husky, clung to the native canine and came to denote sturdiness in general.


To travel is to discover an unsuspected pride in your own country.


Don Wehr and David Garibaldi. I like that handwriting.


Leon Russell and Jeff Westbrook.


I can play these two tunes:

I’m So Miserable Without You, It’s Almost Like Having You Here, and,

How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away.


I love that political advert she did in response to the McCain campaign’s trying to trivialize her. “Wrinkly old white guy.” She probably sunk him with that one line alone.


Every time she wags her tail, she knocks everything off the coffee table.


The great thing about narcissists is you never hear them talking about other people.


The Englishmen detest a siesta.   (Noël Coward)

Sam Andrew

Big Brother and the Holding Company