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7 November 2010

Janis in her Fillmore T.

Playing in Vicenza, Italy, October 2010.

Big brother 1996, with Lisa Battle.

Shooting the photographer in Compiègne, France, October 2010.

Albert King and Tim Buckley and us. Adventurous billing typical of the period.

Peter playing a solo on It’s Cool, Vicenza.

How Hard It Is. We loved making this album.

Teatro San Marco in Vicenza, Italy. Beautiful place. So much character.

Rehearsing in the 1960s.

Mary Bridget, photo by Arianna Antinori, or is that Nicola Zanettin?

Now, what could have been going on here?

Arriving at Teatro San Marco, Vicenza.

Lisa Law took this in West Marin.

These people are called Vicentine, females from Vicenza.

Joel Hoekstra, ex Big Brother. Now inhabits Rock Olympus.

Putative display for Marin Music Museum.

Newspaper account of our Vicenza stop.

Loose recreation of the hearth in our Lagunitas house, Marin Music Museum.

Nicola Zanettin shot this one.

Boulevard du Temple, photo by Daguerre, oldest Daguerrotype of a human?

Arianna Antinori.

Big Brother at The Cheetah, San Francisco. Peter Tork came to play with us.

Arianna in action. I’m going to do a painting of her.

My opening solo on Piece written out with bass part also.

Beginning five minutes of a painting that looks quite different now.

I like this shot of Arianna. It shows her Roman personality.

A Big Brother bootleg? I like the song choices. We should put this out.

Arianna singing Piece of My Heart. October 2010, Vicenza.

My right hand, 1967.

Tara Degl’Innocenti, Bergamo, Italy, November 2010.

Big Brother in bed.

Playing Piece of My Heart with Tara Degl’Innocenti.

Albert King. He tuned differently and played upside down. Wonderful tone.

Peter, Tara, Lory and Mary Bridget, out on the town in Bergamo, Italy.

Elmore James. God, we loved his playing. Still do.

Singing My Funny Valentine.

I have no idea where or when or who.

Country Joe and Ezio Guaitamacci at The Italian Cultural Center.

Jerry Donahue and Zak Keith. Jerry’s a good man and a great player.

Noe Valley. Isn’t this a great shot? See you next week.

Sam Andrew

Big Brother and the Holding Company