Big Brother history, part ten, 1995 – 1997



polly belinda rendall

Photo:   Polly Belinda Rendall

Double Happiness

6 January 1995        My first date with Elise Piliwale.    Sarasota  Florida.

Six January is the Feast of the Epiphany, and was it ever.

7 January 1995   Playing at my old friend Virgil Wilhite’s bookstore in Clearwater.

When Big Brother and the Holding Company couldn’t play, I would tour as The Sam Andrew Band. Trying to make a living.

13 January 1995          Sarasota

19 January 1995     Same photo, but as far as you can get from Sarasota, Florida, and still be in the USA.

27 January 1995   Casanova    A beautiful club in Makawao, Maui.


They used to film westerns in this town and it still has a paniolo (cowboy) feel.


28 January 1995   Pahoa  Hawaii             Pahoa is the Bolinas of Hawaii.


31 January 1995                    Trying to arrange a trip to Japan.

10 February 1995                  Dizzy’s in Houston.              A good band and a good club.


18 February 1995   Big Brother and the Holding Company    Smiley’s  Bolinas  California    Bolinas is like the Pahoa of California.

Expressing our sympathy for Kobe earthquake victims.


Photo:   Polly Belinda Rendall


Early attempt at writing a history of the band.

Harlem Nocturne

3 March 1995   Johnny Otis Club     Sebastopol    California


Elise Piliwale, Sam Andrew, red rev

30 March 1995    Paradise Lounge  San Francisco

Jan Kerouac.


Nihon       Nippon      Japan

This character means “sun.”

This character means root or base or origin or bottom.

Together they mean “sun origin,” Japan.   Land of the rising sun.


Notice that the shape of Japan is that of a dragon.

Another interesting aspect is that the south to north latitudes almost exactly parallel those of the USA East Coast so that Okinawa is about the same latitude as Florida, and Hokkaido is up where Maine is.

2 April 1995   Café Kenya                   Hikone               Japan


Lobster diver 1961

So close yet so far from my beloved Okinawa.


2 April 1995      Bill Hamm and Mike Wilhelm were with us on this tour.



Ongaku.      Music.



4 April 1995   Rag Club       Kyoto           Japan


7 April 1995


Photo:   Polly Belinda Rendall

8 April 1995   Taku Taku  Kyoto        This is the way they write Kyoto in Kyoto.

9 April 1996      Happy Birthday, Elise !

We traveled in Japan by train and subway, much the best way to go.

12 April 1995                       On Air           Shibuya          Tokyo



Tokyo to Nagoya.

13 April 1995      Bottom Line            Nagoya            Japan

_______________________NA     GO     YA

16 April 1995                 Earthquake Benefit              We played on a dried river bed (Kawaramachi) in Kyoto.



17 April 1995   Quattro     Osaka        ”Osaka” means “big hill,” but the O has to last longer and to be stressed more.  Ooo saka.

19 April 1995   Taku Taku    Kyoto      ”Taku Taku” is not a “normal” Japanese word

I’m looking up “Taku Taku” trying to understand what it could mean. Sometimes you just have to be a native speaker, and even then some things are a puzzle. We have many similar instances in our language.


For example, what if you saw a club called Bowbard, how would you translate that for a Japanese person ?  You’d probably say, “Eh, it’s just a name.”  And, yes, it IS just a name. Or, you could look the word up in an archaic dictionary where you would find: Bowbard:   A dastard; a person destitute of spirit. Considered akin to “boobie” and “buffoon.” Perhaps derived from German “Bub,” which first signified a boy, then a servant, and finally a worthless fellow.

bubby made a kishka

In Yiddish English (Yinglish?),  you can hear this sentence. Bubby made a kischke.  Here,  Bubby means grandmother.


Anyway, I spent a lot of time trying to get to the meaning of “Taku Taku,” and, you know what? It was time well spent.

Michel Bastian.

21 April 1995                  Taku Taku             Kyoto

gojo kyoto

23 April 1995  Bar Isn’t It ?  Kyoto      This is the name of the bar in English.   It’s just a name, OK?

Noriko-san is here. James Gurley is here. Michel Bastian is here. Massan, our name for Masuda-san, he is here. I am there somewhere.

Living out my life in stages.    These Eastern perceptions of the ups and downs in our lives remind me of a passage in Shakespeare.

His acts being seven ages. At first, the infant,
Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms.
Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,
Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
Made to his mistress’ eyebrow. Then a soldier,
Full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard,
Jealous in honor, sudden and quick in quarrel,
Seeking the bubble reputation
Even in the cannon’s mouth. And then the justice,
In fair round belly with good capon lined,
With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,
Full of wise saws and modern instances;
And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts
Into the lean and slippered pantaloon,
With spectacles on nose and pouch on side;
His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide
For his shrunk shank, and his big manly voice,
Turning again toward childish treble, pipes
And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

25 April 1995      We fly home.

9 May 1995   Hyatt Regency      San Francisco        High Anxiety.

11 May 1995    Good Times    Eugene   Oregon


12 May 1995     Bojangles     Portland

13 May 1995  Ashland  Oregon      I love to hear Paul DeLay play.


CSH, 1861 City Directory

14 May 1995                 University of California             Davis


James and Auy Sanchez

mermaid of tiburon

20 May 1995                   Mr. Q’s              Tiburon           California

Snooky Flowers and Cash Farrar.

9 June 1995   The Sam Andrew Band in Texas.  Dan Electro’s is a great place.

dan map

10 June 1995    Big Brother     Seaside             California

cute san rafael

Darby and The Slick.

San Raf

Linda McCartney took this one.

11 June 1995                 Santa Rosa            California

santa rosa


16 June 1995                       Maritime Hall retrospective.


18 June 1995                 Fresno                 California

Rehearsing for Manny’s on the upper West Side of The Rotten Apple, as Tommy Doyle used to call it.

28 June 1995    I loved playing at Manny’s Car Wash. The stage was tiny, the backstage green room almost nonexistent, but the owners were great and the ambiënce fabulous.

My good looking New York band. Talented too.  This is about as many people as could fit backstage at Manny’s.

Jynx Lynx and Kerry Kearney.

Rita Wiegand took these photographs.

4 July 1995  Aquatic Park  San Francisco  This place reminds me of my “beatnik” days. We used to buy a gallon of Gallo Red Mountain Burgundy for $ 2.89, some avocados and French bread, and then go play guitars and congos, bongos and whatever else we could find.

15 July 1995 with Elise.

29 July 1995    Marin Civic Auditorium    San Rafael      California

6 August 1995    I loved The Ace of Cups.   Diane Vitalich played with me in the Sam Andrew Band a few times. Good drummer. Plus, when Diane was there we got to do Heat Wave and she sang it. Lots of fun.



6-7 August 1995    Moby Grape !


With Jerry Miller, Peter Lewis and Bob Mosley.

mike paul skip

I sang the Skip Spence parts.

18 August 1995   State Fair              Santa Rosa          California

19 August 1995     Forestville             California

24 August 1995    House of Blues   Hollywood

31 August 1995   Rock & Roll Hall of Fame   Cleveland   Ohio

31 August 1995  Peabody’s Down Under   Cleveland

2 September 1995     Nevada City         California

Tony Seldin had a special voice, tremulous and emotional.  Good for his poetry.

9 September 1995    Glendale State Fair     Glendale   California


forest lawn

trident menu

23 September 1995    Big Brother and the Holding Company at the Fairfax Pavilion   Fairfax   California


Temporary houses. Golden Gate Park


9 October 1995                 Golden Gate Park Bandshell                San Francisco


22 October 1995              Mountain Home Garcia Tribute           Livermore          California

buttermilk junction


Luther Tucker    Rich Kirch    Bill Ganaye


6 November 1995        Freddie Krc, who played drums with Jerry Jeff Walker, will be mayor of Austin one of these days.



6 November 1995         Sam Andrew Band    Last Concert Café      Houston

melody maker


10 November 1995                   Hank’s               Austin


12 November 1995       The Love Ride    Castaic   California          Jay Leno was the MC at this one.


clay st hill cable 1873

6 December 1995              DNA Lounge            375  Eleventh Street               San Francisco

1886.ocean+blvd now Great Highway



15 December 1995          Sam Andrew Band       Peri’s          Fairfax          California


18 December 1995

28 December 1995     Sam Andrew Band    Seattle


31 December 1995            Sausalito Yacht Club            Sausalito         California

20 January 1996     Palookaville          Santa Cruz

s cruz


In January 1996, Elise and I went to London where I played a few dates. This was the coldest month we have ever spent there. We were stuffing towels under the doors to keep out the cold.

22 March 1996            Keeping it going in the Pacific Northwest.

Back Camera

9 April 1996         Happy Birthday, Elise.

23 April 1996    Narada !    He played Piece of My Heart with Lydia Pense and me.      This is his birthday.

2 June 1996     Maritime Hall    San Francisco       Hey, kids !  Let’s make a film.

Plotting, plodding and plotzing in the green room.


3 June 1996              Domaine Chandon           Napa

22 June 1996    Nudestock    Turtle Lake    Michigan       One of the most incredible gigs ever.   First of all, the entire audience was naked.

Then, we were on the bill with Paul Revere and the Raiders, who antedate even us. Paul had an “act,” a vaudeville act. He fired a pistol to punctuate his jokes which were polished and funny.

This was one of Lisa Battle’s first gigs with us, and she is a suburban girl. We drove across the field to the stage and hundreds of naked people came running toward us. I am sure that it was Lisa’s worst nightmare about being in a rock band.

25 June 1996     Manny’s Car Wash     New York City


27 June 1996    Sam Andrew Band opens for the truly incredible and gorgeous Bud E. Luv at the Paradise Lounge, San Francisco.

san ramon

30 June 1996    Maestro’s      San Ramon   California



4 July 1996  Fairstock     Del Mar  California

10 July 1996      Trying to get something going, making proposals, waiting for answers.


25 July 1996   Evergreen Ballroom   Olympia  Washington         Duffy Bishop and Chris Carlson.

The Evergreen Ballroom was such a great place to play, and especially fun with Duffy and Chris.

26 July 1996         Detour Tavern     Washington

b dance

27 July 1996    Sonoma County Fair   Santa Rosa


31 July 1996

Member of the African choir

3 August 1996  Concord Elks’ Club     Concord      California


7 August 1996      Moto Rally      Sturges     South Dakota


10 August 1996       Gathering On The Mountain      Poconos        Pennsylvania


12 August 1996   Iron Horse     Northampton     Massachusetts

13 August 1996   Turning Point   Piermont  New York


14 August 1996       Old Vienna Kafeehaus   Westborough    Massachusetts

16 August 1996     Harpers Ferry     Boston

I have a friend Rob Morse who used to write a column for the San Francisco Chronicle. When I am in Boston, I talk with his brother Steve Morse who writes for The Boston Globe.


18 August 1996    Magic Bag Theatre    Ferndale     Michigan


20 August 1996      Wilbert’s    Cleveland   This was a hot gig.    I still have recordings that we did at Wilbert’s and they are superb.

fishergirl 1880

23 August 1996                House of Blues             West Hollywood

Songlist from 1996.

31 August 1996       Rockford              Illinois


7 September 1996  Seafood Fest  Pittsburgh California   This was the first gig where I used my PRS that Paul Reed Smith gave me. She’s a beauty.


What’s the name of that song that goes aaaa a a aaaa aaaaaaa?


7 September 1996     Lost and Found Saloon  1353 Grant Avenue      San Francisco

Elise and I were performing these tunes at this time.

5 October 1996      Field of Screams     Manteca     California

20 October 1996        Peter Lewis and I did a series of gigs together at this time. To me, Peter was the real driving, creative force behind Moby Grape. I mean, I’m in a band. I know that everyone contributes and makes it what it is, but Peter was/is the the Moby mainspring.

26 October 1996    Andrews Hall  Sonoma  California      I sent Peter Albin directions to this place, but he lost them and was very upset when he got there late.


Meanwhile, in San Francisco…

7 November 1996    Roxie Theatre    San Francisco      We showed a couple of our videos here.

Then we talked a bit about our shady past and took questions from the audience.

With James Gurley.

The Roxie is such a great place. Elise and I have seen the Academy Awards presentation here a couple of times which is a lot of fun South of Market, I’ll tell you.

7 December 1996    Transmission Theatre   San Francisco   I was yelling in James’ ear at this gig. The opening band was loud. All of sudden, wouldn’t you know, and hasn’t this happened to you?, they stopped right on a dime, while I screeched, “She’s a dyke !”  into total silence.  We laughed so hard. The best moment of that night, definitely.  I don’t remember who was a dyke. Maybe me.

ingrid mention her name

Ingrid Maasen

29 January 1997     Playing in London with Bob Strano and Billy Ficca from Television.  The Twelve Bar Club is a cool spot and I love Denmark Street, which is a London version of 48th Street in Manhattan.

20 February 1997  Turning Point   Piermont    New York

21 February 1997     Red Creek Inn  Rochester   New York

22 February 1997      Harpers Ferry    Boston   Susan Tedeschi opened for us here and she loaned us her equipment which was very generous.

23 February 1997                 Manny’s Car Wash               New York City              Nice, soulful review from Lenny Kaye.


25 February 1997                 Hard Rock Café                 Atlantic City       New Jersey


7 March 1997  The Ballard Firehouse   Seattle

8 March 1997      Fourth Avenue Tavern   Olympia   Washington

15 March 1997


19 April 1997      Eureka             California



20 April 1997     Concord Pavilion                Concord           California


28 April 1997   Fillmore   San Francisco          This was a fun gig. Michael Carabello sat in with us and we had a loose, happy set.

Sam  Andrew                      Lisa Battle


8 May 1997                    The Cabooze           Minneapolis


10 May 1997                Rock and Roll Hall of Fame             Cleveland

Donovan was there too, and it was interesting to talk with him.  I don’t know if you have seen the film Don’t Look Back, the story of Bob Dylan’s first trip to England. Dylan may have seen Donovan as a competitor because he, Bob, savages Donovan and sings It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue at him in a mocking way.  I asked Donovan what he thought about the film. “It was difficult,” he replied, “there were fifteen New Yorkers on speed in that hotel and they were on a rampage, and everything was being filmed by D.A. Pennebaker.”


15 May 1997                St. Petersburg            Florida

16 May 1997              Hilton Hotel           Jacksonville        Florida

17 May 1997            Sebastian Beach Inn           Melbourne Beach          Florida


18 May 1997            Musician’s Exchange Café         Delray Beach        Florida


24 May 1997             Larkspur Books             Larkspur         California          Jack Ortman throws a party.

Rich Kirch     Natalie Martel     Dickie Peterson

25 May 1997   The Crossroads    Yucaipa    California

9 June 1997            Berkeley Community Theatre          Berkeley        California

20 June 1997   Catherine Cavalieri and Carl Peachman began writing to me shortly before this time asking if we could work together booking the band, which I had been doing by myself for a long time. They were good people and I liked getting to know them. This probably isn’t their laminate or slogan, but it certainly could be. Unlimited Devotion.

Tom Finch, Carl Peachman, Catherine Cavalieri, Lisa Battle, Peter Albin.

Catherine Cavalieri

Carl Peachman and George Coleman

I liked all these people from the Blues Review, all of the Colemans, and especially Catherine and Carl, and I owe them a huge debt.

I booked most/all of these shows with Catherine.


5 July 1997           Godfrey Daniels              Bethlehem          Pennsylvania

One of the odder Big Brother images. Lisa Battle and Les Dudek.


6 July 1997            Tinker Street Café            Woodstock            New York

7 July 1997           Stephen Talkhouse           Amagansett           New York

10 July 1997     Manny’s Car Wash    New York City      Vince Martel    Lisa Battle    Mark the Harp

12 July 1997    Stanhope House    Stanhope        New Jersey

13 July 1997   Hungry Tiger             Manchester        Connecticut

18 July 1997            Lark Theatre            Larkspur        California



Elise Piliwale            Karen Lyberger.

19 July 1997    Forester’s Hall   Redwood City    California               This was a mellow evening.

Elise Piliwale

Best thing that ever happened to me.

25 July 1997

7 August 1997             Wetlands            New York City      With Moby Grape       This was a good gig.

We did all of these songs and many more.

edwardian men

9 August 1997   Poconos   Pennsylvania

14 August 1997    Swiss Auditorium    Tacoma     Washington

a dstreet performer

15 August 1997           Crystal Ballroom            Portland          Oregon

16 August 1997     Back Alley  Port Townsend    Washington


17 August 1997           La Conner Blues Fest             La Conner       Washington

20 August 1997    The Yale Hotel          Vancouver         British Columbia


21 August 1997      Evergreen Ballroom            Olympia       Washington

22 August 1997      Cosmos  Bellingham  Washington   Bellingham is a lovely town.

23 August 1997   Doc Maynard’s  Seattle       I have played many times in this historic spot, including one time when That’s Entertainment came and filmed us.


31 August 1997             Milwaukee

1932 Packard Deluxe

7 September 1997  Seafood Festival  Pittsburgh   California

26 September 1997  Woodacre Improvement Club  Woodacre  California   This nondescript modern structure sits on a lot of history.

Mari Mack Sam Rafael Theatre May 2014

Mari Mack sang with us here.

And then there is Adolph Maillard who was the son of Louis Maillard and the grandson of Louis’ “natural” father, Joseph Bonaparte, king of Spain and Naples.

Adolph Maillard brought his bride Annie to Woodacre and they built a home with eighteen rooms and eleven fireplaces on the site of the Woodacre Improvement Club near Castle Rock.

Castle Rock, Woodacre.   Annie’s sister Julia Ward Howe (who wrote The Battle Hymn of the Republic) often visited Annie at her Woodacre home.

Charlotte Maillard, seen here with Cyril Magnin, was San Francisco’s Chief of Protocol and she inhabited Herb Caen’s columns quite comfortably for years.

Adolph Maillard sold much of his land to the Dicksons who are still here. Their ranch is dated 1870, but they bought the land around 1850.  I know a couple of Dicksons. One of them, Dan, is a great stride piano player and his brother Walt is also a fine musician.

The original Maillard home became the Woodacre Improvement Club in 1924. This is the train station in Woodacre.


27 September 1997   Brookdale Lodge  Brookdale  California     There is a Brookdale ghost. I should know. I’ve seen it on television several times.

4 October 1997     The Landmark Hotel   Los Angeles      Table by the window.            Photo:  Howard Sounes.

Polk St. north of Bay 1914

Polk Street north of Bay 1914

9 October 1997  Great American Music Hall  San Francisco

Shana Morrison.

Bob Mosley     Peter Lewis   Sam Andrew   Jerry Miller   And, Randy Guzman, do you remember that cab ride in Manhattan ?  Unbelievable, right.   I mean literally.   How did we live ?

12 October 1997     Pozo Saloon   Moby Grape


22 October 1997  Club Metronome   Burlington Vermont

upland scene

24 October 1997   Dibden Center for the Arts  Johnson Vermont

sutro 1907

25 October 1997                   Austin


26 October 1997     Dinosaur Bar-B-Q    Syracuse    New York

2 November 1997    A rather pink letter to Japan.


6 November 1997    Always booking.

So, it finally happens. We go to Japan with Duffy Bishop and Tom Finch.


19 November 1997     Caravanserai Sarai     Kochi    Japan

21 November 1997     Parker House Roll     Kyoto   This was like playing in someone’s living room, very small.

23 November 1997   Jyules  Pimper’s Paradise  Shizuoka  Japan

25 November 1997      Taku Taku     Kyoto         Michel Bastian

27 November 1997 Doshisa University  Kyoto      This is how Big Brother and the Holding Company is written in Japanese katakana. It sounds something like “Bigu Burazaa & za Horudingu Kanpanee.”


28 November 1997   Viva Hall    Hikone   Japan

Street art.


With Peter Lewis and Jerry Miller.

Peter Albin    and  Ginger Baker

Jerry Miller.

31 December 1997     Brookdale Lodge    Brookdale    California


Back with the Brookdale spirit and happy new year to you.

Janis Joplin                      Sam Andrew


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