Big Brother and the Holding Company, part eight. 1990-1992

1990-1992         Riches Untold, Wealth Beyond The Dreams of Avarice.     

I had to find a place to hide all my money.

You’re not going to take that seriously, are you ?   OK, here’s a joke:   Did you hear about the musician who won the lottery ?  She played gigs until the money ran out.

More truth than poetry in that one.

Michel Bastian and I did a lot of gigs together in Big Brother and also in The Sam Andrew Band.

24 May 1990   Chi Chi Club   San Francisco

Elise Piliwale.


John Cipollina  Nick Gravenites  Pete Sears       Ed Pearlstein took this photograph.

25 May 1990       River Theatre      Guerneville  California

James always called me “mon jumeau malveillant,” or, when he spoke English, “my evil twin.”

Der Übelzwilling.

Geminus maleficus papae.

El gemelo malvado.

La cattiva gemella.

James very modestly called himself Saint James.

In the 1960s, he called himself The Archfiend of the Universe, a much more interesting appellation, not more accurate, just more interesting.

Joe Tate and Maggie Catfish.

26-27 May 1990      Caspar Inn      Caspar     California

28 May 1990   Live Wire  Grass Valley  California

14 February 1991    Sam Andrew Band    Paramount Theatre    Seattle   This is a beautiful old theatre.

Our guitar player on this gig was Mick Taylor, and he did a great job. Veronica Vitti came and sang beautifully.

The stupendous Rob Moitoza played bass and Chris Leighton was on drums.

When Chris plays, I always feel like a Klieg light went on somewhere. It’s like, “OK, we’re in the big time now.”

23 March 1991

23 April 1991   I-Beam   San Francisco

Kristina Kopriva, marevelous violinist, singer

21 May 1991

1 June 1991              The Cannery              San Francisco

20 July 1991                  I-Beam                  San Francisco

2 August 1991    Anna Bananas   Honolulu

Elise’s aunt Shirley Piliwale’s stage name was Varoa Tiki.  She was a very good singer and she played every instrument.

Silver Piliwale is Elise’s grandfather. Many places in Hawaii are named Piliwale after him.

27 September 1991           The Queens of Denial            Seattle

Icepack Jackson and David Cohen.     Icepack, you’re looking good.  What is that ?  A G 9 suspended ?

24 October 1991      Rock and Roll Hall of Fame   Cleveland    Ohio


Nothing like misspelling a performer’s name on a poster.  It does make it extra collectible, I suppose.

I once saw John Cipollina’s name misspelled on a PROMO photograph.

25 October 1991

Todd Bolton.

7 November 1991    I-Beam    San Francisco

In Tacoma with Chad Quist who did some beautiful playing with us, especially on the Hold Me CD.

Cheryl Little Deer made this business card.

Elise Piliwale with Sheba.

13 April 1992   Sam Andrew Band     White Rabbit    Austin

16 April 1992

23 April 1992

5 May 1992        Michel Bastian

12 May 1992

9 October 1992

One Family Festival    Golden Gate Park   San Francisco

28 November 1992         An invitation.

4 December 1992          Linda, an old friend of ours, introduced us to her husband at this event.

So, to celebrate the occasion, I threw a party at The Troubadour.

Adolfito de la Parra was the drummer.    Goio Villanueva took this photograph.

Larry Taylor played bass.

Mark Riley.    And just to show you that he’s not always that serious, he also plays with hairstyles.

Our old road manager John Byrne Cooke came back for this one, and he made everything run smoothly.

John’s friend Debbie Green, seen here with Eric Anderson, invited us to stay at her house. I hope to do some playing with Debbie one of these days.

Lotus Mahon was with me this weekend which made everything extra special.

Linda and David LaFlamme came to the party. Elise and I were once at the Fillmore with some friends of ours, Marion and Christo, both physicians, and when It’s a Beautiful Day began their set, Marion started to cry. Their music meant so much to her.

Lester Chambers was there with his brothers.

Deborah Morrison sang back up with us.

Robby Krieger played.

Carl Gottlieb was there…

… and Howard Hessman.

And a cast of thousands.

Willie Chambers.

Darby Slick was there. Hey, he wrote a book and a song.

And she sang it.

Peter Albin playing my guitar.    John Byrne Cooke took this photograph.

31 December 1992   Pescadero   California    This was a fun gig. We had Peter on bass and Spencer Dryden on drums.

Rich Kirch played guitar.

Peter Albin and James St. Pell.

They weren’t there. Well, maybe in spirit, because a lot of their friends were there.

A lot of her friends were there also, asking the eternal question:    Can a blue man sing the whites ?

Kathi McDonald.

Thank you and I’ll see you next week.