Part One (part two when we return from Ohio)

26 June 2011



Elise plays Bach, and rock, Scriabin, Händel, Fauré, touché!


The higher the stakes, the more the takes, bluff is enough when it gets that tough.


Every revolutionary is an aspiring dictator.


Gestures that were never meant are sometimes true by accident.


Melanie and Margaret Joplin.


Architecture is visible music, risible music, highly divisible music.


Beauty, yes, and grace, receive a welcome any place.


The French have goût. We have gout. Think that through, think it out.


Arboreal we were, terrestrial we are, celestial we shall be, if we climb that far.


The evil doiing priest honors god the very least.

Less than you, less than me, and I’m an agnostic, don’t you see?


Any free moving liquid in outer space will form itself into a sphere because of its surface tension, because the skin of a sphere has less area of exposure than any other form’s surface. Actually, almost any material in space will eventually form into a sphere for the same reason. The sphere seems to be the universal shape. i am doing a painting now of diatoms and radiolarians, one celled microscopic creatures who live in the ocean, and they have virtually the same forms as galaxies and stars.


Children need models, not critics.



We know less, far less than one millionth of a percent of everything.


An old shoe is comfortable and so is an old friend.


It’s as easy to marry a beautiful, good natured woman as it is to marry an unhappy, ugly one… easier.


We all came from monkeys, but maybe we ought to come a little further.

She’s on her way to her first sleepover.


No one ever mentions that being old is such a good change from being young. Every state of life has its own compensations and releases. Funny how it never ceases. No such thing as a real vacation.


Velden, Austria, a lovely place indeed.


Bumpersticker: If you lived in your car, you’d be home by now.



A whiff of unreason is the spice of art.


We’re thinkers, not drinkers, but probably stinkers.


Cupid is a knave. I wish he would behave. Nadia and Pietro.


The world of art and cheese and wine, oh, ye, gods, what a wonderful time!


Life is a constant surprise, full of truth and full of lies.


Jason Castle at Aroma Café.


German y Nayana no vienen de Habana.


You are the glass through which life sees you and you see life. Keep yourself bright and clean.


When somebody starts to fight, grab your hat and say good night.


God made Adam, said, “I thought I had’em,” and then made Eve. So, he rested, I believe.


Don Graham and Sarah Phelps. i hope this helps.


Nele and Michael Spoerke.

Work is what you have to do. Play is what you want to do.


Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Sunshine.


Gerry Goffin and Ted Perlman.


Howard DeNike, an old friend from University of San Francisco days.


Theory follows practice. First you play it, then you can say it.


Education is the most inexpensive way to ensure a strong nation.


Read the good books first. Life is short.


Elise Piliwale and Paul Bullis in Austin.


This is good. Cousin Ronnie doing as he should.


Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy. Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln.


Bill Andrew and Lee Andrew in the south of France, 1963.


When we did Love, Janis, in San Francisco, Brandy was the stage manager. Everyone loved her.


The crow and the quail walk by, but when they need to, they can fly.


Big Brother and the Holding Company are going to Ohio this week. I’ll send some photographs soon.

Sam Andrew

Big Brother and the Holding Company


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