Big Brother history, part thirteen: 2000 – 2001

I’m thinking of all the friends that we have met along the way, some will go, some will stay.

2000-2001                Lisa Mills.   You think she looks good,  you should hear her sing.

El Ciego is Blindman and No Te Gusto is Down On Me, but that seems like not such a good translation. No Te Gusto means ‘you don’t like me,’ and the song means much more than that. Well, No Te Gusto means I Don’t Please You, if you please, but “looks like everybody in the whole round world…  DOWN on me” is a whole different kettle of fish. More, kozmic, cosmic, universal… beyond YOU don’t like ME.  More like the whole damn world don’t like me. And stronger than that, is DOWN on me.

There IS another meaning to Down On Me, as I was to learn from Marilyn Chambers.

We were going to go on the road together and she asked me to play Down On Me and she was going to sing it. She took the song literally and began acting out the down on me part. That was interesting.

The tour never happened for some reason, but we had a lot of fun rehearsing for it.

field drum

22 January 2000  Six Rivers Brewing Company    McKinleyville     California


26 January 2000          Paradise Lounge              San Francisco


10 February 2000         Halley DeVestern


Simone Mo took this photograph of my tuner at the Koko Live Club in Biella Castelletto, Italia.

Doing Love, Janis at The Bay Street Theatre     Sag Harbor     New York

Catherine Curtin, who is married to Randal Myler, is now in Orange Is The New Black. She plays a prison guard.


Funny writer. I wish I could remember his son and the circumstances.

With Elise at the Village Theatre, Manhattan, for Love Janis.  The Village Theatre is where I saw The National Lampoon Show in the 1970s, that featured all the people who were to become the core of Saturday Night Live a little later: Dan Ackroyd, John Belushi, Jane Curtin, Lorraine Newman, Gilda Radner.


Andra Mitrovich, Catherine Curtin and Cathy Richardson

Rob Clores, keyboards, and there is Joe Stefko in the back.

James Gurley


I spent February-March of 2000 in Paris writing songs and recording with Janice de Rosa and Marten Ingle.


During this time, I met Alan Merrill. We had a lot of late night Parisian jams at Janice de Rosa’s apartment in the Marais.

Alan Merril

Alan has a natural songwritng talent, is a gifted singer and instrumentalist and a lot of fun to be with.


Alan Merril was the first westerner to achieve pop star status in Japan. He wrote I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll and was the first person to record it with Arrows in 1975. Then Joan Jett recorded it. Then Brittany Spears recorded it, so Alan is doing all right.

Elise Piliwale

2 April 2000               Record Convention             Pittsburgh


My brother Dan Andrew.


I played Beethoven 7 with this man and a hundred other musicians. He taught music at Redwood High School in Corte Madera, California.

Elise at the Acropolis.

In Austria, I sometimes stay in a town called Klagenfurt where Gustav Mahler had a Komponierhäuschen, a little composing house, on Lake Wörther.

Don Aters took this photograph.


26 May 2000    The Valley Grill     Great Valley   New York


27 May 2000   AM JAM Biker Festival  Cobleskill Fairgrounds   Cobleskill  New York

purchasingt power

28 May 2000     Joyous Lake   Woodstock   New York   I’ll never forget the set that Charles Mingus did here one night. Incandescent, beautiful, swinging.


17 June 2000      Medicine Park Music Hall       Medicine Park      Oklahoma


With Lance Dresser on drums and Bill Ganaye (above, right, on bass) playing guitar. Bill was such a great guitarist.


Lisa Mills sang with us.



24 June 2000   Cuesta College     San Luis Obispo   California       Lots of students, great bookstores, beautiful weather.

HRH The Princess Royal

15 July 2000           Burg Herzberg Open Air Festival          Hof Hühnstadt            Germany   with Lisa Mills


31 July 2000           Writing for Relix Magazne.

19 August 2000          Westover Winery        Castro Valley        California   Elise played harp, I played guitar.  We performed at several wineries during this time.

With Elise Piliwale               Summer  2000

25 August 2000     Kelsey’s      New Albany     Indiana


26 August 2000        Motown Harley Davidson            Taylor        Michigan

With Peter Albin


29 August 2000            The Combat Zone        Toronto        Ontario

lag woman


30 August 2000       The Ottawa Bar           Windsor        Ontario


31 August 2000         The Village Inn        Leamington         Ontario




1 September 2000       Classic Fest 2000      Windsor   Ontario


2 September 2000       Rockin’ Rhythm & Blues     Fort Erie Racetrack       Ontario



3 September 2000       Roach Roast Festival      Rainbow Farm      Vandalia      Michigan



8 September 2000      State Capital Steps          Sacramento


22-23 September 2000      Alturas Night Club             Reno

4 October 2000         The Landmark Hotel,  hallway to room 105            Los Angeles             Photo:    Howard Sounes


7 October 2000          Schnepf Farms Festival Site        Queen Creek         Arizona


Tim Robbins            Joel Hoekstra

Joel has a large “extra” part in Rock of Ages. He holds his own with Russell Brand in the Strip being destroyed scene, and that is saying something because Russell is very talented and he has the divine spark of energy in him… something that cannot be taught or learned, but is innate. And Joel holds his own. He commands as much attention in that scene as Russell does.


Another Englishman who could be destined for greatness. I hope so anyway. He deserves it.

Joel Hoekstra is probably the best guitarist I have ever known.  Not the retiring type either.  He did it the easy way. He practiced eight hours a day for twenty years.  Anybody can do that, right ?

13 October 2000        Mississippi Coast Harley Davidson  Anyway, Joel was on this gig with us in, Biloxi, Mississippi.

People from the Northeast say “OreGON” and “BiLOXee,” probably thinking that here on the Gulf Coast there are lox to be found. Lachs is the German word for “salmon” and that’s where lox came from. BUT, in the West they say ORegon and in the South they say BiLucksee.

With Lisa Mills

Wendy Causey                     Elise Piliwale          Elise went to high school in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

25 November 2000     Paper Song           Oakland

janice ocean

25 November 2000      Swan Marketplace             Oakland


Chet Victoria 2001

Victoria Rayles and Chet Helms      2001

3 February 2001   Paradise Beach Inn    Grover’s Beach   California           Clams from Pismo Beach.

janis 15 w:friends

23 February 2001            Bio tuner ?     I love that.     It’s so Variety.     Slang from the 1940s.

Janis beautiful collage

25 February 2001           We put a lot of work into this one.



24 March 2001         Schnepf Family Farm          Queen Creek       Arizona



26 March 2001


drum set

Musicians in the New York version of Love, Janis.


6 April 2001                    New York Daily News


23 April 2001



Larry Etkin              Joel Hoekstra         Dan Cipriano          23 April 2001

26 April 2001  The after party for the New York Love, Janis.



27 May 2001            Ashkenaz           Berkeley


1 June 2001     Sedgwick County Zoo          Wichita     Kansas

tara anthony


2 June 2001   Medicine Park Music Hall   Medicine Park   Oklahoma

Bill Ganaye played with us on this gig. Excellent musician.

4 June 2001      Heathrow, what a great name.



16 June 2001      Starlight Amphitheatre     San Diego       This is in Balboa Park, a lovely place.

drum maiden

17 June 2001    Pine Knob    Auburn Hills         Michigan

Elise Piliwale

20 June 2001       Experimental Music Project      Sky Church      Seattle


22 June 2001         Keswick Theatre          Philadelphia



23 June 2001       B.B. King’s Blues Club       New York City


1 July 2001   Battlefield Harley Davidson Festival     Gettysburg        Pennsylvania


13 July 2001         Riverside Ballroom       Green Bay        Wisconsin


drum painting

14 July 2001        Angel’s Saloon     Hamler      Ohio


15 July 2001     Motown Harley Davidson   Taylor    Michigan


18 July 2001  The Borderline         London

With Peter Albin  Chad Quist  Lisa Mills and  Todd Vinciguerra



19 July 2001        The Masque    Liverpool

20 July 2001         The Brook    Southampton

dark books


21 July 2001     Open Air Festival      Burg Herzberg         Germany

Lisa Mills.


chaise longue

11 August 2001       Trump Taj Mahal             Atlantic City         New Jersey

Erin and Leah

FIELD Electronic Drums

12 August 2001     Gathering On The Mountain          Blakeslee         Pennsylvania


17 August 2001   The Thirsty Ear Tavern   Columbus Ohio

dark sing


18 August 2001  Lapeer Days Festival   Lapeer      Michigan

Jan Sullivan                Elise Piliwale

19 August 2001    Emerald Queen Casino    Tacoma  Washington


24 August 2001   The Orbit Club    Boynton Beach  Florida

26 August 2001            Rockstock          Toole       Utah


14 September 2001    Elks Lodge     Chico            California

Enthusiasts Attend The Blitz Party



16 September 2001        Westover Winery         Castro Valley       California


20 September 2001    Beth Hart, Jon Nichols standing behind her, Todd Vinciguerra on drums.  I never had Beth sing in Big Brother. She’s the only one I missed from the Love, Janis crew. I’d like to rectify that someday.

28 September 2001    San Diego opening of Love, Janis.

Dana Anderson and Jon Nichols

Kacee Clanton

Randal Myler wrote Love, Janis based on Janis’ letters home to her family.

dark band


29 September 2001    Redwood Empire Fairgrounds         Ukiah         California


2 October 2001       Elise and I are married in Las Vegas.     Smartest thing I ever did.

4 October 2001             The Landmark Hotel, room 105    Table by the window          Los Angeles             Photo:   Howard Sounes


17 November 2001         Fox Theatre            Redwood City         California

21 November 2001     Cyndee-Sue’s Saloon     East Bethel     Minnesota


23 November 2001   On Broadway    Springfield     Illinois

blood moon

blue moon poster

See you next week?

Sam Andrew


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